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Our UX Clients range from Fortune 500 to Startup

We partner with companies large and small

UX Firm successfully partners with Fortune 500 companies to startups around the world to bring important data to decision-making.  Regardless of the size of the company or the scale of the project, every company wants its investment in product and service development to pay off.

When the company invests time and resources into usability research, everyone should ask, why? Is it because rigorous user testing and data reveal patterns, obstacles, and areas of strength that are crucial to product and personnel development? Yes.

If the product doesn’t add value to the way in which the user currently performs tasks or needs to learn to perform tasks, then the user will have no use for the product. ~Carol Barnum


UX Firm delivered beyond our expectations. They beat out all of the competition to create the right set of solutions to uncover our users’ experiences. They have become our partner in building our products with user experience baked in. ~Multibillion dollar financial services company

Below are some of our recent clients, both large and small.




When we were short staffed, we brought in UX Firm and they stepped right into the process to conduct a detailed, multi-audience research study, conduct the analysis, and write a report that delivered targeted recommendations. ~Major international medical devices company

Read testimonials from our clients about the work we’ve completed for them. UX Firm has successfully guided clients through comprehensive user research projects and single usability studies.  UX Firm’s toolkit of usability services includes UX research, testing, and training. Review our complete list of clients or contact us now to ask for a custom proposal for your project.