Happy Birthday to Us!

What a year it has been for UX Firm. Since we just passed our first birthday, we thought it would be a good way to launch our blog and reflect on the first year of helping clients understand their users’ experience.


How It All Began

LinkedIn connected us. I was ready to transition from teaching and I knew that my future would somehow involve working in user experience, but I didn’t know how, exactly.

Then I saw an update on LinkedIn on Jimmy Ginn. Jimmy and I had worked on several UX projects when I was the director of the lab at Southern Polytechnic and Jimmy was chief of everything at Alucid. But we had lost touch and I didn’t know what he was doing these days. The update said that Jimmy was celebrating 5 years with a company whose name I did not recognize (it turns out, it was his own business for various ventures), so I congratulated him and asked him if we could catch up. That led to a meeting.

UXFirm fortune cookieOn the day of the meeting, I had lunch with a UX colleague and consultant, Katie Leonard, who, as it turned out had been hired by Jimmy at Alucid some time ago. As you can see, the UX world is interconnected! We ate at a Chinese restaurant. My fortune cookie had a message so compelling that I decided to keep it: “Remember three months from this date. Good things are in store for you.” The date was April 4, 2013.

On May 1st, we incorporated. In early July, we signed our first contract for a project as UX Firm. Initial contact for the project was almost exactly on July 4 (which, of course was a holiday).


Satisfied Customers, Angry Customers bookThe Fortune Cookie Got It Right

In the short span of three months, we had our first client and then another and another and another. In blogs to come, we plan to share success stories from our projects to show how UX research solves problems, increases user satisfaction, and contributes positively to clients’ bottom line.

Because, as we all know, “Satisfied customers tell 3 friends, angry customers tell 3,000.”


Carol Barnum

Carol Barnum brings her academic background and years of teaching and research to her work with clients to deliver the best research approaches that have proven to produce practical solutions. Carol’s many publications (6 books and more than 50 articles) have made a substantial contribution to the body of knowledge in the UX field. The 2nd edition of her award-winning handbook Usability Testing Essentials is due in mid-2020.