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UX Firm combines over 35 years of user experience research of the founding partners Carol Barnum and Jimmy Ginn to support your goals and deliver on your expectations.

We price our services to provide an entry point for client projects–no matter the size or scope of the budget and we deliver actionable outcomes on time.

We take a multi-disciplinary approach to every project. We match the right expertise from our team members in user experience research solutions with proven successes across multiple platforms and devices.

We wrote the book on usability testing—two of them! Our methodology for usability research is based on the principles and practices in these books.

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Here’s a recent review of Carol’s book from “Down Under”

This is one of the best non-fiction books I‘ve ever read (and it’s had some stiff competition). It was an absolute pleasure to read.

This is a magnificent book, and covers every conceivable type of testing ranging from small

groups, large groups, international groups, groups in a lab/not in a lab, remote groups, testing run by someone else using your test plan and so on. I cannot think of any facet of testing that isn’t included in this comprehensive book.

—Review in Southern Communicator, Australian and New Zealand Journal of Technical Communication, Nov. 2015


This award-winning handbook presents the UX methods and results that derive from applying a proven process with rigor.



Praise for Usability Testing Essentials

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“Beg, borrow, buy, or steal a copy of Usability Testing Essentials. This is as good a book on usability testing as you are going to find, and it will provide practical guidance regardless of your experience level.”
—Review in User Experience Magazine

Usability Testing Essentials offers readers a wealth of knowledge based on Barnum’s experience as a consultant and educator. It provides an uncommonly thoughtful and well-researched introduction to the field of usability.”
Review in Technical Communication