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COVID-19 Announcement

We are conducting face-to-face usability tests in a usability lab following all CDC guidelines to protect participants and our team. Contact us to learn how we do it.

Who We Are

We are your usability research experts.

We are a small boutique UX consulting firm providing decades of user experience research and usability testing to support your goals and deliver on your expectations.

Our team comprises the top researchers in our field.  Our small size allows us to provide hands on, personal attention for every aspect of your UX research project.

What We Do

We do user research and we’ve been doing it for decades. 

UX Firm provides a full portfolio of UX research tools and methods to fit the needs of any project and any budget.

Wherever you are in requirements gathering, product development, pre- or post-launch, we can provide the right UX tool or set of tools to build user experience into product designs that meet your users’ needs and your goals.

How We Do It

We work with companies large and small.

Whether you are a Fortune 500, a small company, or a startup, we learn your goals and match the method that scales to your project and timeline.

Our services include participant recruiting, expert moderating of usability testing sessions, detailed data collection and analysis of findings, and evidence-based recommendation reports.


Our Services

UX Strategy & Consulting

Whatever stage your product is in, we create a UX strategy to build user experience into effective product design. We will help you with determining your research goals, the kind of data you need to collect to answer your questions, and the research method to make it happen.  All within your budget requirements.


User Research

We have over a dozen UX research tools in our UX Toolkit, including usability testing (face-to-face and remote), human factors validation testing for medical devices, heuristic evaluation/expert reviews, card sorting, diary studies, site visits/contextual inquiry, persona development, surveys, focus groups, and more. 

Usability Testing

Our most popular UX research method is user testing.  We conduct both one-on-one, in person testing, and remote testing.  We work with you to determine which formats are best for your product and wherever it is in the timeline of development, as well as what works for your budget. 

Human Factors Validation Testing
(Usability Testing for Medical Devices)

Medical device human factors validation testing requires strict procedures following the Guidelines issued by the FDA and IEC to validate the safe and effective use of medical devices. UX Firm has a proven track record of delivering effective test protocols for FDA review, high quality formative and summative usability evaluations, and highly detailed reports to be used in FDA 510(k) pre-market submissions.


Frequently Asked Questions

How many users do you need in a usability study?

 Our typical studies have 5 users in a day in one-hour sessions, with a findings meeting at the end of the day.

If you have budget for 15 users, we recommend 3 separate tests with 5 users each time, building user experience into the product in development.

How do you recruit users for usability testing?

There is no substitute for recruiting real users for your studies.  You can recruit them in a number of ways:

  • Do it yourself, using your customer database for your current customers or social media for new prospective customers.
  • Do it with a recruiting company that can access your target users, using your screener.
  • Do it using one of the online platforms like usertesting.com or userzoom.com


At what stage in the project should I do usability testing?

Testing can take place at any stage of product development, but the earlier the better. Here are some options:

  • Test older products or competitor products before product design begins to gather requirements.
  • Test early stage paper prototypes, clickable prototypes, and wireframes to understand basic concepts.
  • Test at the mid-stage of development using interactive designs.
  • Test at the late stage of development to confirm the usability of the interface.



Does usability testing need to be done in a lab?

You don’t need a lab to do usability testing unless you need the safety and security of a lab with COVID-19 safety protocols in place.

These days, most usability testing is remote in moderated and unmoderated conditions.

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