What Our Clients Say

Our clients say great things about us

Our clients’ testimonials tell the story.

We work very closely with each client to make sure that their user research study is right for them and that the results are instantly usable.

Some of our clients even let us quote them. Here are some client reviews to showcase our clients’ belief in us and our work.

UX Firm has been a great partner to help us prepare the usability study for our FDA submission. They have helped us in all the steps of the process, always open for discussion and giving great feedback on our product and its testing. We had to face difficulties due to the pandemic and the ban on international travel, but those issues were not reflected in the usability study because they adapted quickly and helped us to manage the study successfully even in that scenario. I’m very happy that we trusted in UX Firm and I’m sure we will continue to do so in our future developments.

Borja Gonzalvez,

Product Manager, Nuubo

My company had the privilege to work with UX Firm on an extensive human factors usability study regarding a US FDA Class II medical device in development. We were extremely pleased with our choice of UX Firm for this project. Their professionalism, high-quality research and reporting skills aided in a successful 510(k) clearance.

Vice President of Quality and Regulatory Affairs, Medical Device Manufacturer

I want to extend my sincere thanks to both you and your team for your assistance with the Green Engage project here at IHG. Your scientific approach with measurable, objective results helped us greatly in evaluating and improving the project. I attribute the fact that our usability scores improved from a 54 to over 90 in the three usability studies we conducted along the course of the project. Your constructive and unbiased feedback both validated our design and provided clear guidance on the areas of the site that required additional attention, which allowed us to greatly improve the product prior to launch.

Colin Erven

Manager, Project Governance & Team Support, IHG

The team from UX Firm provided enormous insight in scoping the project and creating the right approach for the challenge. After finishing phase 1 and 2 of the user testing, I can say that we have gained many valuable insights thanks to the guidance and excellent work UX Firm has provided under very tight timelines. 

Andreas Kaufmann

Vice President of Marketing, School Specialty

 Expect the unexpected. Usability testing will challenge those things that you take for granted… and give you the tools to improve your products – sometimes by changing the most simple elements.

Mary Beth Westmoreland

VP for Research and Development, Ipswitch

 We were doing a usability test with Carol Barnum. Our client, the director of an international high-end hotel website who also happens to have a background in marketing, was observing. When we got to the end of the day, we had a short time while we finalized some data, and Carol graciously took this client into the lab and let him sit in the participant’s chair and run through one of our scenarios while we finished up.

He was absolutely delighted and immediately ‘got’ it. He was able to take off his director’s hat and immediately put on his user’s hat in an amazing and completely unexpected way. He offered some great insight to Carol about his own project. In that brief period, we gained an ally who will be able to better resist the impassioned pitches of his digital agency of record and who now will come to the UX group and ask us to check out what is truly best.

Laurie Gray

Project Lead for a hotel group's loyalty program

My company hired Carol to assist in a usability study for a conceptual mobile application. Carol was able to quickly get up to speed on the goals of the study. She was able to recruit a difficult segment of candidates, direct the team throughout the tests, all the while maintaining an extremely high level of competence and professionalism. Carol played a key role in the success of our study and I look forward to working with her again soon.

Matthew Perry

CEO, Mobients

UX Firm showed us what our users care about. Our product development and sales teams learned what matters most to our users, and we put UX Firm’s recommendations into a quick list of actions that made our product launch successful.

VP of Product Development for an e-learning enterprise