User Experience – UX Services

UX Firm provides a full portfolio of user experience research tools to fit the needs of your project. Wherever you are in requirements gathering, development, pre-launch, or post-launch, we can provide the right UX tool or set of research tools to build user experience into effective product designs.

  • Usability testing
  • Remote testing
  • Participant recruitment
  • Eye tracking
  • Field studies & contextual inquiries
  • Nomenclature & taxonomy testing
  • Heuristic review & assessment
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Structured interviews
  • Content strategy
  • Focus group studies
  • Persona & storyboard development
  • Longitudinal diary studies
  • On-site training & seminars

Our Usability Research Toolkit

Whether e-commerce, B2B, enterprise, or startup, many of our clients come to us during the development of their mobile and website projects to discover how technology is perceived during users’ interactions with it. Others come even before development begins.

UX Firm provides user research for mobile testing, website testing, applications testing, software testing, and hardware testing, including medical devices. We can incorporate eye tracking into testing to gain insights about what users really see. We’ll perform usability testing anywhere and everywhere with our mobile lab for in-person or remote studies.

We can provide qualitative and quantitative research for any and all of our studies. And we can use our qualitative and quantitative research results to help you create customer journey maps and personas.

With turnkey solutions or specific support for your internal team during any phase of research, you can count on UX Firm to deliver research and methodologies that reveal your users’ true experiences. Our user experience team is experienced in managing in-home visits, telephone interviews, and surveys, and our participant recruiting process is personal, hands-on and highly effective.

You can count on UX Firm for expert review, longitudinal diary studies for usage over time, or card sorting for information architecture.  And much more.

Contact us to see how we can help you get to know your users.

Usability Training

Some of our clients ask for custom training in usability testing and other types of user experience research. You could attend a conference and listen to speakers talk about usability, or you could hire the best in the business to customize a training program that fits your schedule and uses your products as the basis for all learning activities.

Carol wrote the book on usability testing

Two books, in fact–both award winners. Carol Barnum‘s user experience books are widely used by students and professionals around the world.

Usability Testing and Research

Using her latest book, Usability Testing Essentials: Ready, Set…Test!, Carol presents the principles and practices that form the basis for UX Firm’s research projects with clients. Evaluations from her training sessions are highly complimentary of her experience, knowledge, and excellent communication skills. See Carol’s speaking style at her talk on Content Strategy.

Working with you to customize the topics and strategies that fit your organization’s needs, Carol creates custom courses, seminars, and workshops that train your team on the best combination of techniques to meet your learning goals. Carol can also work with your key UX person in one-on-one training sessions.

Let us know how we can help train your user experience team. Learn everything you ever wanted to know about usability tests and user experience research from an award-winning teacher and author, a top-requested conference speaker, and workshop leader.