Usability Lab Design Services

You can conduct usability testing in your own lab with a lab design that meets your needs and budget.

UX Firm can help you design and build a usability lab at your location. Our usability lab design strategy is the result of more than 20 years of working closely with usability practitioners in addressing their need for efficiency, productivity, ease-of-use, and professionalism.

Our involvement in creating a usability lab design that will meet your needs goes beyond simply providing an audio and video equipment solution. We provide complete facility and lab space design and specifications, including architectural drawings, acoustical and one-way glass specifications, electrical and conduit locations and traffic flow considerations. Our facility design expertise is included as part of the UX Firm usability lab turnkey package.

Usability Lab Design Features & Benefits:

  • Turnkey package – including consultation and diagramming during construction
  • Lab space considerations – including sound proofing, one-way glass specifications
  • Customizable software and hardware solutions to meet your testing and product requirements, including remote testing, mobile and medical devices
  • Studio consoles constructed to accommodate space dimensions & layout
  • Delivery & installation by UX Firm technicians
  • Complete training and continuing technical support

Internal Benefits of Building an In-House Usability Lab:

  • Continual incorporation of UX research and usability testing into development
  • Establishes executive commitment to user-centered design
  • Provides visibility of the benefits of usability testing to other departments
Schematic of double lab with 2 observation rooms

This schematic of a double lab with 2 observation rooms is equipped for moderated, unmoderated, and remote testing for individual or group studies simultaneously.


Need A Portable Usability Lab?

UX Firm can design a portable usability lab to be extremely mobile and durable, without sacrificing features and functionality. Jimmy Ginn has been instrumental in evolving the design and integration of portable usability labs for over fifteen years, and helped to create the first portable labs from which all others in the industry have been modeled. Today we incorporate a variety of technologies for increased efficiency in data capture and review.

There are times when it is advantageous, or required, to go to your client’s workplace to conduct observation of workflows, usages of your product, etc. It is this type of study that makes a portable lab solution. The UX Firm team routinely goes onsite with our own portable lab in order to get a true perspective of how certain software, websites, and hard good products are used, and most importantly, we incorporate all of the real-life distractions and interruptions that are inherent to many workplace environments.

Contact Jimmy Ginn at 678-777-7087 to start the conversation about how to get the best lab solution to match your needs.