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5 Users is Enough For Usability Testing

This video explains how 5 users can be sufficient for usability testing if they share similar profile characteristics and engaged in scenario-based tasks with the interface being tested.

At UX Firm we believe in the power of small studies.  When done right they can produce real consistency in user experience and give you the information you need to improve your interface right away without much time or budget.

UX Toolkit – UX Research Methods – Part 1

3 Popular UX Research Methods – Usability Testing, Card Sorting & Heuristic Review

Carol Barnum explains usability testing, card sorting & heuristic review, 3 popular UX research methods in the UX Firm toolkit.

Want to learn more about usability testing?  Check out the questions we get ask most frequently about Usability Testing.


UX Toolkit – Top UX Research Tools – Part 2

UX Research Tools:  Diary Studies, Contextual Inquiry, Focus Groups

This video continues our discussion on some of the popular tools in the UX research toolkit.  In part 2 we provide tips on when and how to use diary studies, contextual inquiry, and focus groups.

In Part 1 we covered usability testing, heuristic evaluation, and card sorting.   And whereas card sorting is a great tool to use in early development of your product or interface, diary studies are a great tool to use very late in development or even after launch.

Customer Experience vs User Experience (CX vs UX)

If a company has customer experience in place, and most companies do, the question is whether UX is a part of the CX research and understanding of the user’s experience in the entire customer journey.

This short video takes a look at what UX contributes to the CX understanding of customers in the customer journey. If you think of customer experience as a pie, for example, where is UX in the pie? Is it a piece of the pie, or is it perhaps not mixed into or baked into the ingredients of customer experience?

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