Usability Testing Services

Usability testing is our most frequently requested service. Why? Because a usability study can be as small or as big as your needs require and your budget allows.  And because there is no substitute for learning from your users directly.

Usability testing can take place in an informal office setting.

Why expertise matters in usability testing

When you choose UX Firm for your usability testing/UX research studies, you get the experts, not junior staff assigned to your project who may or may not have the background or experience to do your study correctly.

Experience counts. We’ve got the expertise that comes from decades of doing many hundreds of studies. We bring our honed skills in moderating and logging sessions to ensure quality without introducing bias.

Our methodology is based on Barnum’s popular book on usability testing, the award-winning Usability Testing Essentials, now in a fully revised, updated 2nd edition.

We are your partners in UX research studies

Understanding your needs and goals is the start of our partnership. We kick off our engagement with a planning meeting to determine the specific requirements for your study. Working with your key stakeholders, we define the characteristics of your users, the tasks you want to understand, and the quantitative and qualitative feedback you want to receive.

We debrief on the findings together, at points during testing and at the end. This way, you walk away knowing exactly what your action plan is, prioritized on the basis of the findings.

Finally, we follow up with a report that details the findings, and we present the findings to your key stakeholders in whatever format is best for you.

We provide in-person and remote moderated usability testing

Wherever your users are, we can reach them. Using our portable usability lab, we can set up on your site or another location or conduct remote moderated testing, or a combination of in-person and remote testing.

And if you have never done usability testing before, you will be amazed to find out how much you can learn from a small study of five users.

Contact us to start the conversation about how we can partner with you on usability testing studies.

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